Hours of Operation

The Little Castle is open 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


This is a full day centre only with a limited attendance of at least 6 hours per day and 2 visits per week for children under three years, and 7 hours per day and 2 visits per week for children three years and over.

Parents need to complete an enrollment form providing the necessary background information on each child. If any circumstances change please do advise us so as we can keep information up to date.


Daily Rates Under 3 Over 3
6 hours per day $54  n/a
7 hours $63 $36
8 hours $72 $45
9 hours $81 $54
10 hours $90 $63
Full time 5 days or for 30 hours or more. $267 $182
Non attested fees Attested fees


We charge an enrolment/holding fee of $60.00 per child. This is a one off charge, which covers admin costs. If you enrol but change your mind you forfeit the $60.00.

20 hours ECE

The government provides the “20 HOUR ECE SUBSIDY” for children 3 to 5 years of age. We offer free care for 3- 5 year olds for the first 20 hours of care. However this rate does not cover the quality service that The Little Castle provides. We have highly qualified teachers who deserve to be paid well, provide a much higher teacher: child ratio, additional hours of care, ongoing professional development for our teachers, a cook who prepares nutritious meals and cosy under floor heating to name a few.


  • Two weeks fees to be paid in advance from your child’s first day of attendance and there after kept two weeks in advance.
  • Half fees are due if child is absent for any full week to maintain your space and with a limit of 3 weeks per year. A full week means Monday to Friday. (This includes the two weeks between Christmas and New Year, as we remain open as a service to all parents.) This does not apply to over 3 year olds, we do not give any half weeks to over 3 years olds.
  • For Children who receive a WINZ subsidy, half fees will only be given for the parents paid portion of the fees.
  • If your child is enrolled on a Statutory Holiday, or if your child is absent sick, full fees are still due i.e. no refunds or credits are due.
  • We charge a late fee of $10.00 for every 10 minutes late after 5.30pm.