We believe, in providing an environment, where children are respected and valued as individuals,

Where their emotional, spiritual and physical needs are met in a loving, caring manner.

We believe that children need a strong sense of self-worth.

That they learn best if they are given opportunities to explore their environment, to create and act upon their own ideas, to develop knowledge and skills in areas that interest them.

This will ensure that they experience a sense of achievement, so that when they leave The Little Castle they will go on to school with the knowledge that

“I am a confident learner and communicator.”

We believe in maintaining a confident team of collegiality, who believe in this philosophy, Adults are able to take constructive feedback from colleagues about their own individual, or the teams collective values and teaching practices. This will ensure constant debate and reflective practice between all, qualified and trainee teachers for the benefit of the children and their whanau at our centre.