Settling In Policy

We encourage you and your child to make prior visits to the castle so that you can become familiar with our routines and us. This will give us a chance to build a relationship with all of you before starting day. ‘Settling in’ is a very important transition time for your child so the more time spent with ‘settling in’ the better. It is good to discuss the best way to settle your child with his/her new teachers.

Sign In and Out

The Daily Roll Register Book is beside the door downstairs, please make sure that you sign your child in and out each day. This is Ministry of Education requirement and also assists us in the event of an emergency.


We have a firm sickness policy to ensure the health and well-being of the children and teachers. You must keep your child at home if they have a high temperature, inflamed throat or eyes, upset stomach, diarrhea and/or vomiting within the past 48 hours or an unidentified rash. Teachers follow the recommended Department of Health policies and if your child becomes sick during the day we will notify you. In the event of an emergency we will seek medical advice immediately. We will always act within the child’s best interests.

Sick people need to be at home. Please keep your sick child at home. He/she needs to be with his loved ones.

If you are unsure please telephone and discuss with us.


Please hand any medication to a Team Member and list instructions in the medicine book and sign each day. Please do not leave any medication in your child’s bag. Our medication policy states that we will not give paracetamol or any other form of medication, to your child unless prescribed by a doctor.


To ensure the safety of the children in our care we require you to provide us with a copy of your child’s immunisation records upon enrollment.

Children’s Portfolios

Each child has their own portfolio both online and a hard copy folder which includes observations and assessments. They are rich in information and photos and showcase each child’s journey. You are welcome to take them home to share with family and to add your own special stories to them, but we do ask you to bring them back to keep them updated.

Parent Input/Communication

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Should you have any problems about our centre, PLEASE discuss it with Beryl or Emily or any team member, email or write it down and pop it in the fees box. Our aim is to provide a quality service to you and we need to communicate with you on a regular basis in order to achieve this. You can also contact Beryl on her cell 021 344 327 or by email should you wish to make a private formal complaint or discuss any matter at all.

All of our policies and procedures are kept in the Blue Operations Folder by the door for your perusal at any time.